We have held a Women Assistant Professors of Finance Conference at NYU Stern (WAPFIN@Stern) each Fall since 2015. The conference is open to all untenured, female academics doing research in finance.

Please click on the links below to view the attendee lists and schedules.

WAPFIN@[virtual]Stern 2020 (Schedule & Attendees)

WAPFIN@Stern 2019 (Schedule & Attendees)

WAPFIN@Stern 2018 (Schedule & Attendees)

WAPFIN@Stern 2017 (Schedule & Attendees)


​​WAPFIN@Stern 2016 (Schedule & Attendees)

WAPFIN@Stern 2015 (Schedule & Attendees)

* Or within a few years of starting at the Fed

** Or doing finance at the Fed, or in the Princeton finance group

Assistant Professor of Finance

​Sabrina T. Howell