Sabrina T. Howell

The Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship 

with Ramana Nanda (HBS)

Entrepreneurial Spawning from Corporate R&D

with Tania Babina (Columbia GSB)

Inside Ownership and Returns in Private Equity

with Arpit Gupta (NYU Stern) and Kunal Sachdeva (PhD, Columbia GSB)

Private Equity Buyouts of For-Profit Colleges

with Charlie Eaton (Stanford) and Constantine Yannelis (NYU Stern)

The Allocation of Rents within Private Firms
with Javier Miranda (U.S. Census) and J. David Brown (U.S. Census)

The Effect of R&D Grants on Firm Financial and Individual Patenting Outcomes

with  J. David Brown (U.S. Census) and Javier Miranda (U.S. Census) 

Selection Skill Among Early Stage Investors

with Michael Ewens (Caltech)

New Projects