Contribution to Policy

"Opening up Military Innovation: Causal Effects of ‘Bottom-Up’ Reforms to U.S. Defense Research " With Jason Rathje, John Van Reenen and Jun Wong. 2021.

Associate Professor of Finance (with tenure)

​Sabrina T. Howell

O'Keefe, Kate. 2022. U.S. Small-Business Programs’ Future Is Clouded by Congressional    Fight. The Wall Street Journal. July 7.

​"When Investor Incentives and Consumer Interests Diverge: Private Equity in Higher Education." With Charlie Eaton and Constantine Yannelis. 2020. The Review of Financial Studies ​33 (9).

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July 2022: Paper on AF SBIR program extensively cited in GAO report and  discussed in Senate Small                               Business Committee 

March 2022: Paper on private equity in healthcare referenced in President Biden's State of the Union                                 address (see here and here), and in a White House fact sheet on nursing home reforms.

February 2022: Presented on private equity in healthcare to Administrator of the Centers for Medicare                               & Medicaid Services.

March 2021:  Testimony on the role of private equity in healthcare before the U.S. House of Representatives Ways & Means Oversight Subcommittee.  

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Press Coverage (by Paper)

"Racial Disparities in Access to Small Business Credit: Evidence from the Paycheck Protection Program." 2021. With Theresa Kuchler, David Snitkof, Johannes Stroebel, and Jun Wong. Research Note. 

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                ​Featured on the Wharton Fintech Podcast: "Did Fintech Save Minority-Owned Businesses in                           the PPP? With NYU's Dr. Sabrina Howell." 2021.

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          Featured in lead article of NBER Digest, March 2020

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         Watch presentation video from virtual Finance in the Cloud conference, Apr 10 2020 

"Networking Frictions in Venture Capital, and the Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship."  With Ramana Nanda. 2019. 

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